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Green building is more than just products. It is a convergence of philosophy, practices and products to design, build and maintain environmentally friendly, energy efficient, healthy places to live and work.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to everyone’s green building needs and objectives. However, no matter what the scope of your project being green requires using techniques and choosing products that can lower our carbon footprint.

We are truly pleased to be the first lumberyard in Miami to become a Certified Green Dealer


| Improve indoor air quality |

Includes products that reduce mold, HVAC systems and air infiltration

| Lower pressure on the environment |

Using products that are renewable, sustainably harvested, and environmentally friendly throughout the life cycle of the product

| Reduce water use |

And the energy intensive infrastructure required to pipe, store and purify it

| Reduce the carbon footprint |

This is the energy burned to heat, cool and power a structure over its lifetime. Product categories include efficient appliances, lighting, windows, doors and an energy efficient building envelope

| Reduce pressure on the waste stream |

Using recycled or recycle-able products

| Reduce chemical exposure risks |

Product categories include low VOC paints, caulks and adhesives, formaldehyde-free insulation, sheet goods, etc


| Location |

Not built on environmentally sensitive sites. Walking distance to public transportation, parks, schools and shops.

| Size |

Not bigger than necessary.

| Building design |

Allows for natural light and ventilation. Shade (preferably trees) especially on south and west exposures. Light colored roofing system with energy star rating.

| Indoor environmental quality |

Natural light should reach approximately 75% of the home’s interior. Use mold resistant drywall. HVAC system should filter all incoming air and vent stale air outside (not in the garage).

| Insulation |

Non toxic, soy based foam or cotton batts. If fiberglass is used, specify formaldehyde free and energy star rated.

| Windows and doors |

Choose energy star rated products. Look for high solar gain heat co efficiency in warmer climates.

| Energy efficiency |

Use energy efficient lighting such as compact fluorescents, an efficient HVAC system, and an energy saving water heating unit such as a tankless water heater. All appliances should be energy star rated.

| Water efficiency |

Use water conserving fixtures and systems such as rain collection and gray water recycling.

| Green materials |

No or low VOC paints, sealants and/or adhesives. Renewable or sustainable wood products. Use recycled material when possible.

| Landscaping |

Use large canopy trees to shade exterior walls, driveways, and patios. Yards should be landscaped with drought tolerant, native plants and foliage.


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