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Look up! Understand the Power of a Ceiling

Look up! Understand the Power of a Ceiling

We all know how painting a wall can transform an entire room. Did you ever consider the impact color and texture on a ceiling? It is unexpected and interesting. The ceiling is considered the “fifth wall” and is often overlooked.

Here are some ideas:

  • Paint: adding a color to the ceiling will give it the oomph you might be looking for. You can create a bold, dramatic visual or a soft hint of color for warmth and a cozy feel.  If you are a bit timid in doing this, then consider painting it either a lighter or darker shade than the walls. This way you know that it coordinates and there is no concern for a “clashing” effect. If you are a bit of a risk taker, then go for a dramatic effect with a strong color such as red, navy, yellow, or black. A good rule of thumb while painting the ceiling is to avoid painting in “W’s”, but instead in a straight roll. If you need to add a second coat, roll it perpendicular to the first coat.


  • Pressed-tin paneling: if you are looking for something a bit different and enjoy seeing texture on the ceiling, this might be a good option for you. The paneling is normally a metal color, but some folks decide to paint them to coordinate them with their room. If you decide to use paint, make sure it is oil based and use a deep nap roller to get into the crevices. To add even more interest, add a bit of contrasting color with a paintbrush or sponge. It is recommended that rooms with this type of paneling have some fabrics to help absorb sound. The paneling with deflect the sound, creating a louder atmosphere. Use drapes, area rugs, carpeting, and pillows to absorb the sound.


  • Wood: reminiscent of log cabins and country homes, wood on the ceiling creates a warm, cozy feel to the room. With the many stains, wood grains, and design layouts available, this is a great option for any room in your home. If you do not feel comfortable creating a full ceiling of wood, then possibly consider wood beams.


  • Fabric: yes, fabric can be applied to the ceiling. Fabric is a wonderful way to add design and absorb sound. So, it is perfect for bedrooms. Adding a billowing fabric to your bedroom ceiling creates a romantic and comforting feel. Other options would be to apply flat sheets of fabric and add interesting details such as a contrasting border and ties. Shirr lots of fabric on the ceiling and down one wall to hide an unsightly ceiling or wall.


  • Wallpaper: you might be thinking that wallpaper on the ceiling looks gaudy. And it can. Be careful not to use a very busy pattern on both the walls and ceilings. If you love a tiny pattern, then use a color in the wallpaper to paint the walls. Then, wallpaper the ceiling. If you have a small window seat or niche area, wallpapering the walls and ceiling within that space can set it apart from everything else and create a focus on that particular area.


Regardless of what type of medium you place on your ceiling, using something other than white paint will create more of a wow factor. It will show that you had a complete thought about that room’s design and took into account all planes to decorate.

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