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Featured Lumber: Teak

Featured Lumber: Teak

Teak wood, also known as Burmese Teak, holds not only a special place in the heart of Floridians, but in those worldwide. A native of southern Asia, teak is grown in the tropical areas of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Teak is among one of the most desired woods due to its stability and amazing decay resistance.

The uses of teak mainly surround water resistant applications. Its natural high oil content and tight graining make it perfect for building outdoor furniture. It is very resistant to rotting, mildew and mold. Due to this resistance and its strength, teak has been used in the construction of boat decks for over 2000 years. Being such a durable wood, it requires very little maintenance. In fact, over-maintenance of teak such as sanding and using harsh cleaners can shorten its life span. Boaters tend to use salt water to clean the deck since the salt helps the wood to retain moisture. Sanding of teak wood is not recommended.

  • The color of teak wood is a gorgeous reddish-brown that darkens with age.
  • The grain is relatively straight, but can have a few waves here and there.
  • When teak is milled, it has a “leather” scent to it.
  • In addition to using teak to build boats and outdoor furniture, teak is also used for veneers, turnings and small wooden objects.
  • Outdoor kitchen cabinets use teak wood due to its resistance to decay and humidity
  • Teak can bring about sensitivities to those working with it. The dust can cause pink eye, respiratory irritation and nausea. As with any woodwork, wear a dust mask and eye protection when sanding and cutting.
  • It has above average workability. It glues and finishes nicely.

If you are considering building your own outdoor furniture this summer, we highly recommend the use of teak wood. Stop by our lumber yard and we can show you the teak wood that would work well for your project. We are located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133, visit us online at or give us a call locally at 305-856-6401 or Toll Free 800-621-6391.


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