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5 Elements of a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

5 Elements of a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

We have come a long way from the backyard grill. Homeowners now have entire kitchens built on patios and lanais. These outdoor kitchens create the perfect space for entertaining and hosting a party. With the proper equipment in place, you can avoid the back and forth run from the indoor kitchen to the lanai.

There are five elements that make an outdoor kitchen an outdoor kitchen.

  1. Grill. A source to cook on is obviously an essential item in any kitchen. Some folks like a large grill while others prefer to add on a side burner. A side burner is another cooktop space that is basically a single or double burner gas cooktop. If your outdoor kitchen is built within a covered lanai, you may choose to have your grill vented to the outside of to avoid excessive smoke from cooking.


  1. Sink. Installing a small sink and faucet is another essential to make your outdoor kitchen “workable”. This will entail adding plumbing.


  1. Refrigerator. Having a small refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen can make your life so much easier. Even when you are not entertaining, having a refrigerator keeps items cool that you many want to access while outside. Sodas, snacks, water, and so on. There are refrigerators made specifically for being outside. In the Florida heat, these special types hold up to the extreme heat that we experience.


  1. Ice Maker. On those hot summer days while you are grilling out with your friends and family, it is really nice to have an ice maker accessible in the outdoor kitchen. No more coolers and ice buckets that sweat and make a mess. You can find ice makers specifically for outdoor kitchens.


  1. Teak cabinets. Plenty of cabinet space is desired in any kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are no exception. You can keep dry goods, trash bags, plates, utensils, paper towels, and linens within the cabinets. This keeps everything out of sight and tidy. Teak wood is recommended due to its ability to stand up to weather conditions and its resistance to mold and mildew. If you would rather have a more modern look, then stainless steel cabinetry is also available and works well in humid conditions.


With any project, planning is key. There are many layouts to consider. Also, there are decisions to be made in regards to the type of appliances, countertop, cabinet color, hardware, faucet, sink and any additional elements that you desire. Take into consideration that some work might be beyond the scope of your abilities such as the electrical and plumbing. You also will need to check with your local permitting offices to see if you will need to obtain a permit before beginning your project. So, start planning and get your outdoor kitchen up and going for all of the summer fun on the way!

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