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What Our Mill Shop Experts Can Do for You!

What Our Mill Shop Experts Can Do for You!

If you want to meet some experts in their field, just head on over to our Mill Shop. The folks that work in this department really know their stuff and are ready to help you in your woodworking projects.

We understand that not every woodworking project is the same. Various dimensions and cuts are required to ensure that the end product becomes what you intended. If you bring your plans and ideas to us in the Mill Shop, we can help you with the following:

  • Planing of wood is used to smooth the surface of rough lumber, reduce the thickness of a plank, or to flatten a piece of wood. Our high quality planer is precise in its functions, giving you the absolute best in shaping.
  • Precision cuts: if you are in need of a very specific dimension of lumber, just let us know and we can cut to any dimension that you need.
  • Routing of wood is used to create decorative edges and is used often in cabinetry making. If your project needs a specific type of design added to it for aesthetics or to make it functional, our experts can help you in making that happen.
  • Joining: Our state of the art machinery makes precision cuts to square off lumber for accurate joining.
  • Our glass cutting machinery can precisely cut rectangular pieces of glass for windows, doors, cabinet door inserts, frames, and more. Specific dimensions apply.
  • Repair power tools and engines here in the Mill Shop. Our technicians are factory trained to inspect, test and repair your tools. Our training involves major brands such as Stihl, Honda, and Paslode. Just bring in your engine or air tool if it isn’t performing well. We’ll take a look at it and give our recommendation if any repairs are needed.
  • Expert carpenters are here for any questions and advice needed on your project. Their experience and knowledge make them top notch in their field and they’re happy to help you in your fine woodworking.

Here at Shell Lumber, we not only offer the best hardware and lumber products, we also provide our expertise in specific fields. Here in the Mill Shop, you can see the many services that we offer to you to make life a bit easier. Stop by the Mill Shop next time you visit with us. Our friendly experts are always ready and happy to help in your next project.

Shell Lumber is located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133, visit us online at or give us a call locally at 305-856-6401 or Toll Free 800-621-6391.


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