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Tips on Pool Maintenance

Tips on Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is key to keeping your backyard oasis clean, pristine, and ready for you and your family to jump in on a hot summer day. To keep Zen and calm in your life, we’ve put together a list for pool maintenance. By regularly performing these simple tasks, you can easily keep your poolside time relaxing and enjoyable.

  1. Skim the top of the water every couple of days to remove debris and any bugs. You can use a long handled net to reach all areas of the pool. Try to clean out the strainer baskets once every week. Doing these two simple pool maintenance items can help reduce the amount of chlorine that you will need to use.
  1. Brush the walls weekly to remove algae that has built up. Scrub the stairs and all areas under the water line. Be sure to use the appropriate brush for the lining of your pool. A fiberglass interior can handle stiff bristles, while a tiled interior can tolerate a softer bristle since the tile is susceptible to scratches.
  1. Vacuum the interior weekly to remove leaves, bugs and debris that fall to the bottom. Choose from either a manual vacuum or one that runs continually on the bottom of the pool. For the motorized vacuum, a lot are available with timers so that you can set it to start and stop at certain times of the day. Or, if a vacuum is too cumbersome, then hire a professional cleaning company to come by every couple of weeks to sweep the debris out for you.
  1. Clean the pool filter. The frequency is based on how often the pool is used and how exposed to elements it is. If you have a cage over your pool, which decreases the amount of debris that can accumulate, then you won’t need to change the filter as much than those who don’t have a cage. Also, how often do you and your family use the pool? You just want to keep an eye on the filter and make sure that it doesn’t get too dirty.
  1. Maintain water level. Through evaporation and use, your pool’s water level can be reduced. It is highly important that you keep the level of the water above the water tile line or strainer. Simply add a hose to the pool and fill to the level desired. You can opt for an automatic pool filler, which measures the water level and adds water as needed.
  1. Check PH Levels. This is important to do for the health of those who will be swimming in the pool. PH testing kits are available here at Shell Lumber. These PH testing kits measure the amount of acidity and alkalinity of the water. The proper balance of these two properties is essential in pool maintenance and for the safety of those enjoying the pool water.
  1. Shock your pool once a week. Also referred to as super-chlorinating your pool, or adding an abundance of chlorine to offset nitrogen and ammonia that can build up in the pool water. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to shock your particular pool.

By regularly maintaining your pool, you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy the pool during parties and lazy days hanging out by the pool. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that the water is safe from harmful bacteria and take pride in its appearance.

Here at Shell Lumber, we will check the chlorine for you. Just bring in a sample for testing and we’ll let you know what you need to balance your pool water. We are located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133, visit us online at or give us a call locally at 305-856-6401 or Toll Free 800-621-6391.


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