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Tips on Painting the Outside of Your Home!

Tips on Painting the Outside of Your Home!

So, you’ve decided that the old paint on your home needs to be refreshed. Painting the exterior of your home seems like a big undertaking – and it can be if you aren’t prepared! But, we have a list of what to do and what not to do to make the painting a success.

  • Consider the time of year. Choose the season that you start this project carefully. You will want it to be a time in your area that is not hot, humid and raining. Select the driest season, which is winter here in Florida, to paint the outside of your home.
  • Before you begin your project, thoroughly pressure wash the siding. Remove any debris caught in corners and slats. Paint will not adhere to dirt very well. Walk around your home to inspect for any repairs or caulking that needs to be done before you begin painting.
  • Protect landscaping and outdoor furniture. Painting is messy. By covering up your landscape and removing your belongings from areas where they are susceptible to paint splatter and spills, you’ll save yourself clean up time afterwards. Cover up exterior lights. Tape off windows and doors.
  • Sand rough wood on both siding and trim to create a smooth surface.
  • Don’t buy cheap paint. If you spend a little more on the paint, it will give you a longer wear time. This equates to you not having to paint nearly as often since better quality exterior paint lasts longer.
  • Paint from top to bottom. This will enable you to work with gravity and control drips and streaks.
  • Combine gallons of paint into a giant, coverable, pail to ensure you have a consistent color for the entire house. Cover unused paint at the end of the day with a lid to preserve it for the next day.
  • Use a primer before you paint the color. Most manufacturers these days offer paint that includes a primer in it. This cuts down on the amount of time since you’re combining two steps into one.

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