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Eat What You Grow! Herb Gardens Made Easy!

Eat What You Grow! Herb Gardens Made Easy!

How nice would it be to reach into your own garden and snip off a few sprigs of oregano for the Italian lasagna that you have planned for dinner? Or, have fresh mint to add to the carafe of water that you always have in the refrigerator? Well, you can! Grow your own herb garden and always have fresh herbs on hand to flavor your food.

Choose to grow your plants in either a container or outside in your yard.

Container Garden: The flexibility of having a container garden, or kitchen garden, is perfect for those who live in condos and apartments. What is nice about a container garden is that your herbs are always within reach. Also, for those who live in a northern climate where it snows part of the year, this is one way to keep fresh herbs in your kitchen year round.

Yard Garden: Planting in your yard has the advantage of sunshine, rain and minerals in the soil. But, it is also vulnerable to animals and insects who might find your herbs tasty. A few things to consider:

  • Make sure that you select an area in your yard that has the appropriate amount of sunlight for the plants that you select.
  • Constructing a border made out of pressure treated wood or even rocks can help define the space.
  • Create markers to label what each section contains. Some herbs look very similar such as parsley and cilantro. Marking them with flags will keep you organized in the garden and also make sure that you pick the right herb for your scrumptious kitchen creations!

There are many common herbs that you might want to consider for your garden. Here are some popular ones:

Parsley – a versatile herb; can be used in most dishes to add flavor

Thyme – aromatic; used to season meats, vegetables, and soups

Oregano – flavor your Italian dishes with this yummy herb

Dill – a tangy flavor; add to soups, stews and use for pickling

Mint – used to flavor waters and beverages

Basil – used in soups and to flavor meats

Chives – has a light onion flavor, add to soups and salads

Cilantro – a popular herb used for Mexican dishes

Rosemary – very aromatic; used for pasta sauces and pizzas

Sage – used to season chicken, pork chops, potatoes and carrots

Growing your own food is a satisfying project. Knowing that what you grow is free of harmful pesticides, is fresh to the table, and that your work was brought to fruition can give you a feeling of accomplishment.

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