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Care for Your Boat with West System Epoxy!

Care for Your Boat with West System Epoxy!

Here at Shell Lumber, we only carry the best products. That is why we offer the West System Epoxy brand. They are leaders in products that will help you in constructing or restoring your boat.

Wear and tear on your boat is inevitable. Keep it in tip top shape by repairing cracks and splits. We have kits to fix your fiberglass, plastic, or aluminum boat. Each complete kit features what you need to restore your vessel. Whether it is resin, fairing filler, fiberglass fabric, adhesive filler, these kits have everything needed including detailed instructions. Even mixing sticks, mixing cups and protective gloves are inside of each kit.

What is so special about West System Epoxy (WSE)? They are a company dedicated to providing the best products for your boat repairs/building by using the best epoxies. They even have a full research and development facility in their test lab so that every product that they produce is competitive to others on the market. Shell Lumber is proud to carry their full line.

The three main applications to know about with their system is:

  1. Bonding: This is essentially gluing two materials together. WSE offers both a two-step and a single-step process. The two-step process is recommended for most projects because it has the maximum epoxy penetration into the surface. If you’re project does not have a heavy load, then the single-step will suffice.
  1. Fairing: This is the process of smoothing out low surfaces, making it look “fair” to the eye and the touch.
  1. Barrier Coating: This coating is a moisture protective layer.

You will also want to know about the three main components of their system:

  1.  Resin: You’ll start with this since it is the basis of the system.
  2. Hardeners: There are four hardeners available. Mix the one that is suited for your project with the resin. Also, use the one that will cure best in the temperature in which you are working.
  1. Fillers:  there are six fillers available. These thicken the mixture of resin and hardener.
  1. Additives: you can add to the mixture to change the color or other properties of your mixture.

Some quick guidelines on using West System Epoxy:

  • Adhere to the mix ratio of resin and hardener for the correct cure. Adjusting the mix to change the cure time frame is not recommended.
  • The temperature in which you are working will affect cure time. Start your project with a small test batch so you can get the feel of the mixture. The cooler the temperature, the longer the cure time. You can always apply heat to speed up the curing.
  • Apply epoxy in thin coats to avoid air bubbles

So, when you are ready to dust off your kayak and take it out on the ocean, be sure to fix any holes or breaks in the hull. Come on over to Shell Lumber to stock up on some West System Epoxy. Shell Lumber is located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133, visit us online at or give us a call locally at 305-856-6401 or Toll Free 800-621-6391.


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