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Interior Doors: Styles and Functions

Interior Doors: Styles and Functions

All of the interior door styles below can be comprised of hollow core, solid core wood, composite and painted. You can choose either a left or right handed swing door. Also, choose slab or pre-hung doors depending on your installation capabilities. You will need the tools and know-how to install a slab door, which is basically just the door without a handle, hardware, or frame attached.

French Doors: This type of door is typically used as the entrance of a study/office. Two doors open in the middle and swing out, away from each other. Solid or glass inserts are available.

Bi-fold Doors: Normally used on closet doors, bi-fold doors fold in half vertically. You can find these doors in louvered, paneled, glass inserts and mirrored styles.

Paneled Doors: these types of doors are normally the majority of interior doors. Found on bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in closets and play rooms. Four and six panel doors are the most popular type, but you can find them with anywhere from 1 – 6 panels.

Pocket Doors:  this type of door is ideal for small spaces, or spaces that don’t have much “swing” room. It slides on a rail and disappears inside an adjoining wall. Normally these are installed on pantry, bathroom, and closet openings.

Louvered Doors: these have several horizontal slats that make up the center of the door.Placed on closet and pantry openings, they are ideal because they let air flow through the slats.

Sliding Doors: one door slides to create an opening. Used as glass for patio/lanai entrances. Wooden or composite are normally used for closet doors.

Accordion Doors: these fold to the side like an accordion music instrument. Ideal for closets and as partitions between two rooms where you don’t have the additional room for a swing door or wall space for a pocket door.

Barn Doors: these are a more decorative, rustic type of door. The barn door slides to the side to allow entry. Perfect for the pantry where you can showcase this fun door in the kitchen.

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