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Featured Lumber: Zebrawood

Featured Lumber: Zebrawood

If you are looking for a hardwood floor that will create an immediate impact on the design of a room, you’ve found it with Zebrawood. This rare hard wood is bold due to its cream/light yellow and black or dark brown striping. It resembles the pattern of a zebra, thus the name Zebrawood. Other names you may find it referred to are Zebrano, Zingana, Allen ele, and African zebrawood

Sourced in Africa, this unique lumber is not only used as flooring, but can also be used to craft furniture, jewelry boxes, guitars, skis, and various home décor. Its durability, warm colors and special pattern, however, make it a favorite among interior designers for a flooring option. The use of dark furniture resting on this hardwood brings out the dark streaks creating a beautiful harmony in a room. The use of this decorative wood as a kitchen island countertop or a bar top is desired.

Zebrawood can take a beating, so using it as hard wood flooring is ideal. Its durability rating on the Janka hardness scale is 1575! This is a higher rating than Cherry, White oak, Red oak and White oak. Although not infallible, this type of hardiness can stand up to scratches and dents that happen over years of use. The striped pattern helps to hide these blemishes as well. Depending on how the wood is cut, the striping can be lineal or wavy. It is unpredictable how wide or thin the stripes will be, but this makes for a gorgeous variety of boards. That type of uniqueness is sought after in this species.

Wood workers prefer this type of lumber not only for its unique visual characteristics, but because it is easy to cut. It saws and glues well which can make a difference in the overall effort put into a home improvement project. The finishing of this wood can be a bit tricky since it has both soft and hard textures. Planing is not recommended since zebrawood can easily tear with this technique.

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