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Easy Ways to Renovate Your Laundry Room

Easy Ways to Renovate Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room takes quite a beating between all of the laundry, the kids’ school bags, sports equipment and, in some cases, as a mud room. Wouldn’t it be nice to give it a little makeover? A laundry room doesn’t need to be just functional. It can be a beautiful aspect to your home.

  • Make use of wall space. A lot of homes have a small wire shelf above the washer and dryer that holds their detergent, dryer sheets, and various cleaning agents. By adding wall cabinets, you can contain this clutter and still have everything you need at your fingertips. If you have additional space above a wash tub, install a rod where you can hang drying clothes.
  • Color your world! Laundry rooms have always been seen as a pure white, sterile environment. Break out of that mold and add a color to the walls. Be sure to use a paint that has a gloss or semi-gloss finish. This will make it easier to wipe off smudges and smears that appear on laundry room walls.
  • Organize Children’s Belongings. The laundry room tends to be a place where little ones will drop their backpacks, shoes, and coats. If you have the space, install little cubbies for each child. Be sure to have a place to hang coats and hats and anything else they routinely leave in that room. Don’t forget yourself! Make an area for you to hang your purse, umbrella, etc.
  • Texture. Adding texture to the laundry room can help reduce that sterile feeling. Find a throw rug that coordinates with the wall color. To add warmth to the space, possibly use natural weave baskets to hold items. Or, for a more industrial appearance, galvanized buckets and bins would be ideal.

Making over your laundry room can be a weekend project that you will appreciate for years to come. It’ll bring some organization to your household and make doing laundry a bit more pleasurable. These simple improvements won’t break the bank either!

Measure the size of your room and make a simple sketch of it. Bring it to us at Shell Lumber and we can advise you on shelving, cabinets and cubbies that will work for your project. If you have an area rug or drapes for a window, bring the items in and we can color match the perfect paint for the walls.

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