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Add Zen to Your Backyard with a Pergola

Add Zen to Your Backyard with a Pergola

If you are looking to find that perfect spot to unwind after work, a quiet place to meditate or to read your favorite book, a pergola might be for you! A pergola typically is square in shape and has four vertical posts, one at each corner, holding up the top slatted flat “roof”.

Choose a place in your backyard that makes sense. If you have noisy neighbors, then place the pergola on the other side of the yard. With areas of the yard that are far from the back door, possibly create a flag stone walkway to your retreat.

Cedar is a popular wood choice due to its resistance to decay. Pressure treated wood is best such the YellaWood that we offer. This type of wood will stand up well to environmental factors such as rain, snow, humidity, mold and insects.

Pergolas are not meant to provide shelter from wind and rain or provide shade from the sun. They are structures that define a space. So, when you are sitting in the open, you feel some sense of privacy.

To maintain that feel of an outdoor living space, you will want to add a flooring.

This can be any type of material used in outdoor applications. Creating a raised deck with wood boards stained to the color of your pergola would be beautiful. Other options would be stones, bricks and tiles. All of these would hold up well to outdoor influences.

You can build your zen space as simple or complex as you would like. If it will be a place for meditation, clean lines clear of clutter is ideal. If this will be a place to get cozy and read a book or to entertain, you might consider adding outdoor furniture and even a stone fireplace. Adding flowing curtains can add to the design and also give your some additional privacy.

We’ve all seen the pergolas with climbing vines and flowers covering them, similar to an arbor or trellis. This brings nature and color into the space and also provides a bit of shade if desired. What a great opportunity for you to decorate with nature! Keep in mind that particular flowers attracts bees and other stinging insects. This could be a deterrent to some people. If your friends or family have an aversion to these insects, consider a climbing vine that doesn’t flower or keeping it clear of flora in general.

Take the time to contact your Home Owner’s Association (HOA) before you begin any construction project. Most communities will require that your plans be approved by the HOA. Also, since this is considered a structure, you will want to check with your local permitting agency to make sure to adhere to their rules.

Once you know how you will use your pergola, get creative and let your imagination bring about the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. We here at Shell Lumber can help you find all of the parts and pieces that you will need to take on this project. Stop by at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133, visit us online at or give us a call locally at 1-305-856-6401 or Toll Free 1-800-621-6391.


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