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Bath Remodeling – Some good advice!

Bath Remodeling – Some good advice!

Whether you decide to make it a do it yourself project or hire a professional, you will still be involved every aspect of the design. Choosing materials and fixtures can be tricky. Here is some expert advice to get you going in the right direction, ensuring you love your bathroom for years to come.

  1. If possible – section off or hide the toilet. A small water closet creates a room within a room. Or for less added cost, it doesn’t need to be a full wall. A half wall or large Armoire also work, giving the illusion of privacy. This is especially good if the bath is shared, even by a couple.
  1. Pick your surfaces wisely. Not only are porcelain, granite, tile and marbles more eye catching, over time they hold up better and are very unlikely to need replacing. They are also less likely to fall out of style, holding the possible resale value more efficiently. This can apply to the flooring, walls, tile, sink, vanity and more.
  1. When choosing a shower set, consider water efficiency, style, and craftsmanship. Make sure you love the look, and have a set that will last. Low flow showerheads can save you up to 20% on your water bill compared to the standard head. The same advice can be applied to the toilet or commode.
  1. Make sure your vanity has enough space. People often pick a vanity based on the aesthetic appeal, failing to consider soap dishes, toothpaste and brush holders, and the multiple people who may get ready in this area.
  1. Consider your lighting carefully. A light over the shower, a light in the water closet area, and lighting on the mirror or above are all vital. Dimmer switches are a fantastic addition here. No one likes to be blasted with lights first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night. Never choose fluorescent bulbs for a bath. They make you look washed out and even sickly. They are also not energy efficient in this application. Fluorescents are rated by the number of starts. They are intended for commercial applications to get the most use and live up to their energy star rating. Your energy bill will be just as low by dimming lights in the bath (or other areas of the home) and without the toxic dangers fluorescents can present. White coated bulbs or frosted bulbs, even pink bulbs can be lovely in a bath by offering a softer light.

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