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The Benefits of Using Real Western Red Cedar

The Benefits of Using Real Western Red Cedar

Thuja plicata (commonly known as Red Cedar) has long been sought after for all kinds of building projects because of the richness of color, the wonderful woodsy smell, the durability, the long lasting nature of the wood itself and its affordable price.


There has been some concern in regard to forest depletion. Let’s address that concern. Choosing to use cedar does not deplete the forest or displace woodland animals. It is only harvested using responsible foresting practices. This means following guidelines that are set forth by 3rd party certification systems and or Federal, State or Provincial laws. Because of these strict guidelines, there is actually more forested land now than we did in 1970.


Using real cedar actually reduces the amount of Co2 (Greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere. When in the growing stages, young cedar trees absorb and hold Co2. This Co2 is retained even through cutting and manufacturing. Now on the other side of this, allowing the trees to grow though out their lifespan and become old, as they begin to age and break down, that previously absorbed Co2 begins to release back out into the air.


Benefits of Western Red Cedar:


  • Composite man made materials leave a much bigger carbon footprint than real wood even when recycled


  • Resin and pitch free


  • Naturally resistant to rot and bugs


  • Renewable


  • Biodegradable


  • Beautiful visually


  • Very strong durable wood


  • Does not warp due to humidity


  • Highly insulating (helps with heating and cooling if used to side a home)


  • Absorbs noise so lends itself to noise reduction


If you are considering a project and have been debating real wood vs composite, here at Shell Lumber & Hardware we are happy you have found this article and now understand the benefits real wood can have. Come on in today and check out the amazing selection of real wood lumber we have available.


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