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Spruce up any room by adding mouldings

Spruce up any room by adding mouldings

Individual rooms are essentially empty canvases in which to express your individual style. The overall impression given is the culmination of the details. One of the most integrated ways to design with flair is to add moldings to the build.


Mouldings are a wooden or polyurethane decorative trim used to add distinctive style and detail to any room while increasing the value of your home. Shell Lumber stocks a wide variety of profiles to meet any budget or style.


When you think of moulding, you most likely think automatically of crown moulding. Crown moulding gives the room a more upscale feel than a bare ceiling corner. Adding crown moulding can be tricky, especially for first time do-it-yourselfers, as it installs on an angle. Shell has made it easier by offering mitre-less corners, eliminating the need for difficult cuts.


Contrary to popular belief, crown moulding is not just for rooms with very high ceilings. In fact, even the standard 8’ celling topped room can be made visually taller by installing moulding at the top of the wall. It adds visual interest, bringing the eye up.


Baseboards, which run along the floor, hides any imperfections in fit between the wall and flooring.


Chair rails may be added for kitchen, dining, or other higher traffic areas. They are intended to keep furniture from bumping against the wall itself, causing damage. They are at times also utilized purely for decoration.


L-Trim may also be used. This group of mouldings includes specific use pieces such as screen moulding and outside corners, as well as other random creative use molding such as quarter rounds and battens.


Mouldings can be either painted or stained and come in designated grades for each.


If you are considering adding mouldings to a project we invite you to come in and chat with our experts. Let us look at your plans and offer the very best professional advice, saving you time, and money. Shell Lumber and Hardware is located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33133 
and can be reached Monday-Friday: 7AM – 6PM
Saturday: 8AM – 5PM by calling 1(305)-856-6401
To view our selection online, please visit our catalog on pages 27-34 for our selection of mouldings, baseboards, and chair rails.






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