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Ready – Set – Paint!

Ready – Set – Paint!

Refreshing a room or home with a new coat of paint possibly even a new color is a great way to give a space new life. With the time, money and effort involved, you want to ensure the very best results.


Before you even think about painting, start by going around the room. Carefully remove any nails, tape, tacks or picture hangers.




The first step is getting all surface areas clean. Though it seems like you could use any ordinary household cleaner, the problem is that many of them can leave a slightly greasy residue that could prevent paint from adhering. There are specially formulated wall cleaners for exactly this porpoise. Thorough cleaning of walls is especially important in rooms like the kitchen, where splatters can happen or in the dressing areas of bathrooms where hairspray and other body products could have landed on the walls over time.


*Make sure to allow walls to dry completely before moving on.




If your walls have a gloss or semi-gloss finish, wash your walls with a sanding sponge. It will allow the paint to stay on more evenly. Remember to wipe off any dust with a damp cloth. If your walls have a matte paint finish, then texturizing isn’t necessary.




Do your walls have any nail holes, chips or blemishes?

A good spackle compound wall patch can easily fill in holes. Once the patches are dry you will want to sand them smooth with 80 grit sand paper.

Note: If you patch, you need to prime. Also it is not ever advised to patch with caulking. The texture is different and you will always be able to see where the repairs were made. Caulk cannot be sanded.

PRIME (If needed)

When do you need to prime?

If you are making a drastic color change. Especially from dark to light. Using a primer will decrease the number of coats needed to cover the old paint and give it a more even look.

Is your old paint OIL or LATEX?

The most common answer is “I have no idea”.

How can you tell?

Take a cloth dipped in paint thinner or brush cleanser and rub it on the wall. If the paint becomes soft and gummy, that is latex. If it has no reaction, it’s oil paint.

If it is oil based paint and you would like to apply latex based paint, be sure to texture, clean and add a primer before painting.


  • Move or cover expensive furniture and or art work so it does not accidentally get paint on it.
  • Drop cloth the floor area
  • Use painters tape to line base boards, ceiling and other edges
  • Put on older clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. If you are painting the ceiling a hat is always advisable.


If you have followed the steps above, you are now ready to paint!

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