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Why choose Shell Lumber & Hardware over The Big Box Stores?

Why choose Shell Lumber & Hardware over The Big Box Stores?

When thinking about undertaking an at home or on the job do it yourself project most of us automatically think of big box stores that are heavily advertised. But are they really the best choice?

Let’s take a look.

When you are a large nationally known retail chain, that gives the big box stores bulk buying power, enabling the low costs to be passed on to the consumer. The tradeoff is that they are retail giants. Corporations. There is generally a fairly high turnover rate for employees within the stores. Because of the turnover, new or newer employees, though often well meaning – simply do not have the training or knowledge base needed to really assist buyers in the fashion that they might need or deserve or that the store would ideally like. There are so many products within every department it could literally take years to learn the ins, outs and specifics from all of the differing manufacturers and companies. That often times leaves the employee there reading packages in the isle with you. That is if you can find someone amongst the isles at all. Nice of them? Sure. All that helpful? Debatable.

Now, what if you could get the same level of competitive pricing with the added bonus of an in house sales staff who are seasoned and have a wealth of knowledge about their specialty area within the department?

That is the Shell Lumber difference. Shell has been around since 1928 and has grown with the community. We realize you have options when shopping and truly appreciate each and every customer who walks through the doors. We pride ourselves on service and are constantly striving to make our customers happy and exceed all expectations. Shell Lumber & Hardware is so much more than a store, we’re a family. Our employees love their jobs and once hired on, they stay. This enables them to become incredibly valuable to the shell team and to our customers.

Experts within their own departments – when you have a question they have an answer. Personalized service – as it should be – the old fashioned way. As with our employees – the same goes for the shoppers. Once a customer – Always a customer.

If you are tired of feeling like “Just another customer” – unable to get questions answered, wandering through a giant metal shelf ghost town trying to find someone who works there or having to go through figuring out the self-checkout line and bag your own purchases, come on over to Shell Lumber & Hardware.

Shell offers a far more personalized shopping experience where you can get to know our employees and let them assist you be it a single at home do it yourself project or even if you are a contractor who works multiple large scale projects at a time. They have the knowledge and the drive to allow you to shop faster, smarter and happier.

Shell Lumber & Hardware is located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133. They can be reached by phone Locally at: 305-856-6401 or Toll Free: 800-621-6391. You can also visit us online at to learn more.



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