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Tips and Tricks for Plant Buying in Florida

Tips and Tricks for Plant Buying in Florida

You can find plants are for sale all over Florida. Flea markets, discount stores, big box retailers, even garage sales. The problem with purchasing plants in most of these places is that you really do not get much, if any information as to how to care for them, where to plant them, if they require direct or indirect sunlight, advice as to growing seasons or if the particular variety really fits your personal needs.

The little plastic tags that come potted in the plant are generically printed and not specific to Florida. The advice may not actually match up with the climate and conditions giving you a false impression and possibly a soon to be wilted or dying plant.

Best Places for Buying Plants

Nursery’s or Garden Centers – Buying your plants from a reputable gardening center or nursery gives you access to staff with detailed knowledge who can help you every step of the way no matter if you are a novice or experienced gardener. The plants are most often times grown in house, out in the fresh air and sunlight in the climate in which you are trying to establish a garden. Plants are healthy and well-adjusted to the surroundings.

Tips to help identify a good nursery by:

  • Large selection of landscape plants tailored to South Florida
  • Plants have a health appearance
  • Prices are competitive
  • The staff is happy to help you pick out your plants
  • They will assist you in buying the right kind of plant food and soil
  • They will be able to help with bug issues
  • Give advice on specific plant issues you may have in your yard
  • Be able to identify plants by cuttings if you are trying to match and add to your landscape
  • Delivery service is usually available with purchases

Where Not to Buy Plants: Buying them from any store that does not grow plants themselves is generally asking for trouble. Many retailers that ship plants source them from locations grown inside of greenhouses. These plants are not accustom to the daily hot sun and sometimes pounding rains of the harsh Floridian environment. Plants shipping and packed in boxes can also be a hiding place for bugs or have been handled roughly in shipment leading to stress stunting growth. The condition of the plants at purchase is important as it will not likely improve once planted.

If you are looking for thelocally here in Florida look no further than Shell Lumber & Hardware. Shell is unlike any other store and has an amazing selection of Florida grown native plants which are essential to maintaining a healthy environment here in south Florida as well as an abundant variety of fruit trees which have been organically grown and are already producing fruit so that when transplanted they will have the most delicious flavor possible. If you are looking to add some tropical flair and pops of color to your landscape, Shell also happens to have the largest selection of Bromeliads in the market at the very best prices. They also offer a full selection of gardening supplies, tools and soil. One visit and you will soon realize that Shell Lumber and Hardware is much more than their name may first imply. It’s your one stop shop for gardening.


Stop by and chat with our friendly knowledgeable staff. They are eager to help you achieve the yard of your dreams.  Shell Lumber & Hardware is located at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida 33133. They can be reached by phone Locally at: 305-856-6401 or Toll Free: 800-621-6391. You can also visit Shell Lumber & Hardware online at to learn more.






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