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The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the Job

Every project from home based to industrial is made easier with proper preparation. Before work on a jobsite can begin lists are created, work orders are written, materials are pulled or shipped, and when received each piece is checked off on the packing list for accuracy against the original purchase order until the job slate is complete.

Though most of us try to be careful and double check, ensuring that we have everything needed, we often times overlook the tools to go along with the materials.

Whether it’s your home hand held tool box or re-stocking your work van, if you start a project only to find you are missing something you need to complete the project it ends up wasting time, possibly costing you, your company, or worse yet your client, more money and adding unneeded stress to your day. Trying to utilize other tools or implements you may happen to have with you sometimes may work, but often times just end up taking longer or possibly even leading to injury due to misuse.

When in the initial planning phase of any project follow these handy steps:

  1. Ensure that you have received all necessary materials (check off against work orders or lists)
  2. If there are written directions, check to see what tools are needed (ex. if there are screwdrivers verify Phillips or Flathead, or if the project is larger decide if you need a power drill instead of manual).
  3. If there is safety equipment needed, ensure that is available (ie. Hardhats, gloves, safety goggles, steel toed boots, etc.)
  4. Does anything need to be covered or protected? (sheet plastic, tarps, painters tape or items removed from area prior to beginning work).
  5. Do you have all vital paperwork? (blueprints, work orders, client contact information, or even permits).

Taking the time to become acclimated with a project and organized can save you in the long run. Whether stocking your tool box, at home work shop or a fleet of company work vehicles – Shell Hardware and Lumber is the best resource in Miami for tools as well as raw materials.

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