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Build your own Back Yard Play Ground

Build your own Back Yard Play Ground

Development of the imagination is vital to mental health and growth in the childhood years. Playing outside either by yourself or with friends in fresh air helps not only with creativity but also with physical fitness, cognitive skills and building a strong immune system.

As kids I think most of us at some point drove past a house which had you’re A-typical solidly constructed natural wood jungle gym set usually complete with slide. We all oooh’d and aaaah’d, wishing we had one in our own back yards.

While we may not have gotten it, we most certainly have the opportunity, especially as do-it-yourself visionaries, to now build that dream playground for our kids.

What does it take?

Though they do sell prefabricated sets, with a little know how you are only limited by your imagination. This can also be a fantastic bonding and learning experience if you share the planning and construction phases with your child. Building a play area encompasses:  math, art, creativity, decision making skills, real world building, painting, assembly, a lesson on following through and finishing a project all with quality time spent together and the outcome is a job well done along with an amazing and long lasting functional monument to fun.

Prefabricated swing and playground sets can cost anywhere from the low end of a basic metal A-frame at $150 to what’s considered a multi-level “playset metropolis” coming in at nearly $18,000. Building one yourself gives you endless options and versatility and can save you money by enabling you to potentially build a bigger better version than the packaged sets at the same cost if not less.

When building one yourself first, decide on the type of playset you would like to have based on the amount of room you have available in your yard. When drawing up the idea it will be important to calculate the lumber needed and best type of wood and sealant to use. Let the professionals at Shell Lumber & Hardware help.


Once the basic shape and construct is decided on you can have tremendous fun with add-ons.

  • Slides
  • Tire swings
  • Monkey swings
  • Monkey bars
  • Belt seats
  • Rope net climbing walls
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Metal tree climbers
  • Add on arch swing frames (holding from 1 – 4 swings typically, though you can also opt to build your own if additional swings are desired)
  • Zip Lines
  • Gorilla cargo net encased wobbly bridges
  • Trapeze
  • Rings
  • Punching ball
  • Climbing rope
  • Fire poll
  • Canopy or roof

Add as many or as few options as work with your playset. As your kids grow another advantage custom wooden sets offer is the ability of expansion. You can, at any time, make additions or subtractions from the structure based on age and interest.

A couple of excellent resources for plans as well as add-ons mentioned above are linked below:

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