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Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

A good water heater is essential to keeping a comfortable home environment, and when one starts to fail you are more than likely to notice. Not only can a failing water heater cause discomfort throughout your home, but it can also result in heated arguments as family members fight over their right to hot and lengthy showers or baths.

If you are experiencing any doubt about the condition of your water heater, the following are a few signs that if your heater hasn’t failed already, that it’s going to in the near future:

1. Your water isn’t getting hot. No one likes to take a cold shower or bath, and water that just won’t heat up like it used to is a sure sign of a failing water heater. You can try to troubleshoot and repair the heating element if that is what is causing the problem, but oftentimes a full replacement is necessary.


2. Your water gets hot but does not last. If your water manages to reach a good temperature but then doesn’t stay there for very long, it’s another good indication of a failing water heater. If such is the case, the problem will generally only grow worse over time, and you’ll find yourself being able to take shorter and shorter showers each time before the water grows cold.


3. You notice puddles around your water heater. If you notice standing water around the base of your tank, or there are actually visible streams of water traveling from the tank to the floor, then you may have a major leak in your tank. Some smaller leaks, such as those around fittings or plumbing connections, can be repaired, but most larger leaks will generally require a system replacement.


4. Your water heater makes unusual noises. If your water heater is suddenly much louder than normal it could be the sign of mechanical problems. Particular sounds to watch out for include clanging or popping noises, especially those that occur repeatedly over extended periods of time.


5. Your water heater is more than ten years old. While it’ll greatly depend on the specific water heater that you have and its type, most of them are built to last between ten and fifteen years, with warranties that generally last between five and ten years. If you’re trying to decide between repairs and replacements and your heater is already past its prime, then a replacement, while more costly initially, could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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