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How to Prepare Your Garden for a Hurricane

How to Prepare Your Garden for a Hurricane

Miami and the surrounding areas in Florida are certainly no stranger to hurricanes. And, because hurricane season in South Florida lasts through November, now is the time that you are likely thinking about the possibility of such an occurrence. While your lawn and garden are most likely not – and shouldn’t be – your top priority when it comes to hurricane preparations, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few small actions in order to protect them.

If you already know that you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, such as Miami and the surrounding areas, then you should first and foremost ensure that you are growing the right types of plants and trees. Since a lot of the damage that houses incur during hurricanes is caused by uprooted or broken trees, it should come as no surprise that the trees that are best around Florida homes are those that are particularly wind-resistant. Furthermore, native plants and trees are typically the best choice, as they have proven their survivability in strong storms for thousands of years without the need for human protection.

You’ll also want to make sure that any trees planted are located a safe distance away from both your home and any surrounding power lines. If trees are already mature and deep-rooted, maintenance is of the utmost importance when ensuring that they, as well as your home, stay protected during strong storms. Regularly prune your garden and trees to ensure that they do not become too top-heavy, and frequently check your soil to make sure that it is healthy and that roots are secure.

If you know that a hurricane is on its way to your area, there are also some last-minute things you can do around your yard in order to protect both your home and your garden from damage:

  • Bring any small or lose items around your home inside when possible, to prevent them from blowing around and causing damage to your garden or home’s exterior.
  • Any small potted or hanging plants should be brought inside.
  • Large potted plants that cannot be brought inside should be laid flat on their sides and secured with ties or bolstered with bricks or heavy blocks.
  • If pots are particularly delicate or expensive, wrap cushioning material around them before bolstering or tying down.
  • Be prepared for plants to need pruning or replanting after the hurricane has passed.

Whether you are looking for plants and trees to outfit your lawn or garden or the materials and tools needed to protect them, Shell Lumber & Hardware has everything you need. We offer the leading lawn and garden center in all of South Florida, so contact us today at (305) 856-6401.


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