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Transponder technology refers to that which uses radio signals, transmitted between handheld devices and remote receivers, in order to perform certain actions from a distance. If you’ve ever used a gate or garage door opener from within your car or have a wireless house-entry system for your home, then you are likely already familiar with this technology. While transponder technology can be found across multiple keyless entry applications, one of the most common and well known uses is in that of car keys.

Transponder car keys are a type of high security car key that was first introduced in vehicles starting in 1995. Today, transponder keys are available for most car models, though they are typically only found as a default in luxury and high-end models. Most modern cars can, however, be retrofitted for transponder technology with a reprogramming of their electrical systems. This is, however, a highly specialized service so it is more expensive than a traditional key making and not just any old locksmith can do it. But, for those looking for additional security or an added peace of mind, transponder keys can be highly worth their extra cost.

The transponder keys themselves don’t actually look very different from your typical set of car keys, but located within the plastic part of each key is a small microchip. Each microchip with its unique serial number is designed to unlock and start a single specific vehicle, making theft of any vehicle which has one virtually impossible. Even if a would-be thief was able to get inside your car, they would never be able to get anywhere without the correct microchip. This truly makes these among the safest and most secure key options available for vehicles today.

When it comes to transponder car keys, like with any high security car key, it’s usually best to have an extra pair made in advance and to have at least two pairs available to you at any time, though obviously kept in different locations. If one is lost later on, the simple practice of having an extra on hand can save you from some of the additional hassles involved in losing a key, such as tickets or towing fees. Losing a car key, and especially one with such specific technology, can be extremely frustrating, but will be much less so you if you are prepared.

While you can’t have a transponder key made for your car just anywhere, one place that you can have one made in South Florida is at Shell Lumber & Hardware in Miami. To check in advance whether or not we can service your specific vehicle, just give us a call at (305) 846-6401, or feel free to visit us in person Monday-Saturday at 2733 S.W. 27th Avenue.


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