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If you’ve ever tried to grow or maintain a garden or landscape around your home, you know that it’s a task that is easier said than done. The task of weeding can appear to be especially daunting when for every weed that you eliminate, twice as many pop up to replace it. At times it may even seem like no matter what you do to address them, the weeds just keep coming back over and over again.

Fortunately, getting rid of weeds in your garden and keeping them out doesn’t have to be an uphill battle with these helpful tips:

  • Learn to recognize weeds. The first step in recognizing a weed problem is being able to recognize the weeds themselves. Furthermore, because different weeds are harmful in different ways, you should familiarize yourself with the problems associated with each so you can determine the severity of your situation.
  • Avoid the temptation to pull weeds out by hand. When you pull weeds out by hand, all that you are doing is removing the part of the plant that is visible, while the root system remains strong beneath the surface. Instead, make use of tools designed specifically for weeding to dig out weeds permanently.
  • Avoid over-fertilizing. While it’s definitely important to fertilize your lawn and garden, too much of a good thing can have more harmful effects than beneficial ones. Try to pick fertilizers that have slow-release formulas for their nutrients, as this will prevent weeds from reaping the benefits of over-fertilization.
  • Avoid cutting your grass too short. The shorter the grass on your lawn, the more soil that gets exposed to sunlight, allowing previously trapped beneath the surface weed seeds to sprout and flourish. Try to keep your lawn between two and four inches in height, and always leave your grass clippings where they are in order to provide extra nutrients and shade to the soil below.
  • Avoid over-watering. It’s important to water your lawn properly, but there can be a very fine line between not watering it enough and watering it too much. Furthermore, it’s always best to water your lawn deeply and less frequently as watering lightly and frequently can better support the growth of certain weeds.
  • Address any underlying issues. Oftentimes when excessive weeds are present in your yard it’s a good indication that something more serious is going on beneath the surface. And, because you’ll see different weeds in your yard under different conditions, you can actually use the presence of certain weeds as direct clues when determining the underlying issue.
  • Prevent weeds from growing before they start. As with most anything, the best thing you can do to address the problem of weeds is by ensuring that it never occurs in the first place. Since blocking the soil from sun, moisture, and fertilization is helpful in preventing the sprouting of weeds, a technique such as mulching can do wonders when it comes to keeping weeds at bay.

Whatever method you choose to utilize in order to get rid of weeds and keep your garden looking its very best, Shell Lumber & Hardware in Miami should always be your first stop. Our lawn and garden center is staffed with the leading experts in their field – always eager and willing to answer any and all of your lawn and garden questions – so give us a call today at (305) 846-6401.


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