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When it comes time to replacing a door either inside or outside your home, you’ll quickly discover that not all doors are created equally. And while there are many types of doors – French doors, storm doors, sliding doors, and hinged doors, just to name a few – the first thing you’ll need to distinguish is whether you need a door built for your home’s exterior or one built for your home’s interior.

Wooden doors for exterior and interior areas are designed and constructed in vastly different ways, and it would be nearly impossible and highly impractical to use an exterior door in an interior space, and vice versa. But because of the large price difference between the two types of doors, people are often still tempted to make unwise substitutions.

Here are a few of the ways in which exterior and interior doors are different:

  • Interior doors usually have a hollow core while exterior doors have a solid core. This means that interior doors are thin and while not necessarily flimsy, they are certainly not as sturdy as exterior doors. Furthermore, because they are thicker and more solid, exterior doors are also better insulated, a characteristic which is extremely important for protecting against cold weather or drafts from outside.
  • Interior doors are usually not treated while exterior doors are. If exterior doors were not specially treated to withstand the elements, then you’d need to add a coat of paint or two after every heavy rain. On the other hand, such treatments would be a waste of money and resources on an interior door.
  • Exterior doors are typically constructed using water-proof glue while interior doors are not. Because exterior doors must hold up in extreme elements, even the very glue that holds them together must be built extra tough. This glue must be able to withstand both extreme temperatures and extreme moisture, whereas interior doors are almost completely without such concerns.
  • Exterior doors tend to be much more expensive. Because exterior doors are required to perform so many extra functions than interior doors, it should come as no surprise that they are more expensive. However, interior doors should never be substituted for exterior doors as a means of saving money, just as exterior doors would be unnecessary and inappropriate in an interior.

No matter what kind of door or doors you are currently in need of for your home, Shell Lumber & Hardware in Miami has you covered. Even if you are looking for something very specific that we don’t currently have in stock, such as a custom door, there’s a very good chance that we can order it for you through our contract sales department, so give us a call today at (305) 856-6401 or visit us in person Monday-Saturday.


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