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Just as not all gardening tools are created equal, some are much more important to have than others. While it’s perfectly okay, and even encouraged, to have plenty of gardening tools on hand, no set is truly complete unless it contains the following ten items.

  • Pruning shears – Pruning shears are a special type of scissors that are designed specifically for use in gardening. They differ from typical scissors in that they are especially strong and sharp, able to cut through thick branches easily and efficiently.
  • Rakes – Rakes aren’t just used for gathering leaves in the fall after they have dropped from the trees, although this typically isn’t an issue in South Florida anyway. Rakes serve an effective purpose in gardening as well, allowing you to tidy up and move mulch, as well as smooth out and pat down fresh soil.
  • Loop hoes – While there are numerous types of hoes, loop hoes are modified specifically for edging and weeding. By using a simple back and forth motion, you can quickly remove weeds, clean up beds, and mix fertilizer or compost into the existing top layer of soil.
  • Shovels – Shovels come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll likely need more than one in order to tackle each specific project that comes up. Furthermore, while the most common use for shovels is certainly digging, they can also be used for spreading, patting, and even cutting through roots and compacted soil.
  • Saws – Saws are also designed for multiple purposes, and which you pick for your arsenal will likely depend on both personal preference and specific need. Generally, your saw will be used for any job that your pruning shears can’t handle – branches that are more than 2cm thick or even the trunks of small trees.
  • Gardening scissors – Pruning shears are great for thick branches but can be overkill when making small and simple trims. Gardening scissors, or even simple household scissors, are great to have on hand for making small snips and even for such tasks as opening bags of seeds or soil.
  • Water hoses or cans – No matter the size or type of garden that you are growing, you’ll need fast and easy access to water. While a hose is ideal but not always possible, an easy to carry and portable watering can is an appropriate substitute.
  • Soil knifes – Soil knifes are most commonly used for chopping at tough root systems, but also serve other purposes as well. They are great tools for removing and transplanting plants, weeding, dividing perennials, and slicing through tough ground surfaces.
  • Weeders – Weeders come in all shapes and sizes but generally have long handles and sharp, fork-like heads. These tools are perfect for getting access to and digging up weeds right at their roots, making them less likely to return later on.
  • Gloves and hats – Never underestimate the importance of proper gardening accessories. While a hat is incredibly important, especially if you are going to be spending a significant amount of time under the strong South Florida sun, gloves are equally crucial for both protecting your hands from blisters and allowing you to get your hands dirty without actually getting your hands dirty.

If your gardening tool set is currently incomplete, or you’re looking to replace current tools that have grown rusty or faulty over time, stop in and see us at Shell Lumber & Hardware in Miami. We truly consider ourselves a one stop shop for all of your lawn and garden needs, offering a variety of native and tropical plants in our nursery in addition to our general supply. Whatever your DIY needs may be, we are here to help, so call us anytime at (305) 856-6401.


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