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While you might not be overjoyed at the thought of taking on a DIY kitchen renovation project, at some point, depending on the current state of your kitchen, it may become a necessary evil. But how does one know when a partial or complete kitchen renovation is actually necessary vs. simply desired?

Questions to ask yourself when considering a partial or complete kitchen renovation include:

1. Do you have enough storage space?
When you step into your kitchen, do you see counters covered with clutter and no place to put things away? If you find that all of your cupboards are full to the brim and that you are stacking food items around your counters, kitchen table, or island, then some renovation may be in order.

2. Do you have enough space to work and move around in?
Kitchens tend to be the social centers of homes, so it’s absolutely essential that your kitchen has enough space for multiple people to move around in at the same time. While the size of your home or shape of your kitchen might not allow for additional space, if possible, a little clever rearranging or consolidating of appliances and storage can do wonders for opening up a small space.

3. Are your appliances up to date?
While it’s not completely necessary for you to own all the most state of the art or high tech equipment available in the market today, it is essential at a bare minimum that your appliances are functioning properly. So if your dishwasher just isn’t cleaning like it used to or your oven requires a special trick in order to cook properly, replacing a few key appliances can make your kitchen feel new again.

4. Is your flooring even and easy to clean?
Even and un-cracked floors are important in every room of your home, but nowhere are they more important to have than in your kitchen. This is because cabinets and counter-tops are more often than not built into the flooring, so a warped floor can quickly result in damage to these areas as well.

5. Is there physical damage to any appliances or structures?
This one should be a no-brainer, but if there is actual physical damage in your kitchen for any reason, these areas should be your top priority. Not only is damage unsightly, but it can also prevent you from using your kitchen to its full potential if this damage is left ignored.

6. Are you happy with the appearance of your kitchen?
There doesn’t always have to be something functionally wrong with your kitchen for it to need a little refreshment. Sometimes you may just want to update your kitchen to a more modern style or one more catered to your personal tastes, especially if you had no say in its initial design and construction.

7. Are you getting ready to sell your home?
If you are selling your home and your kitchen is dated, you will likely discover how quickly a bad kitchen can turn off potential buyers. However, with even just a few simple updates you can make an old kitchen look new again, both raising your home’s value and making it easier to sell.

No matter the size or scope of your DIY kitchen renovation, Shell Lumber & Hardware in Miami has all the tools and materials you need to get your project on its way. To browse our current product selection or to get advice on how to get started, contact us today at (305) 856-6401 and any of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.


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