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When it comes to toolbox essentials, no home set is truly complete without a few power tools thrown into the mix – tools that can do everything traditional tools can, but in a much faster and more efficient manner. Of these power tools, it is usually considered that the power drill is the absolute most essential, perhaps because of its ability to both bore holes and drive screws in mere seconds flat. But is speed really the only reason why most people choose to pick up their power drills rather than their grandfather’s trusty old hand drill?

Power drills are simply more powerful. One of the most important features you’ll find in any power drill is the amount of torque that it has, or the amount of power behind the drill’s rotational capabilities. The level of torque and power offered in even the cheapest power drill available on the market today will run circles around even the highest quality hand drill any day.

Power drills are fast. Even when it comes to boring a hole into solid rock, a power drill can accomplish in about 45 seconds what a hand drill can do in 30 minutes. Not only do power drills have a fast and easy learning curve compared to hand drills, but they are simply more efficient in their use. Why spend hours doing something that could only take you minutes, leaving you free to move onto the next stage of your project?

Power drills are more accurate. If you’ve ever tried to drill a hole, you know how hard it can be just to simply keep a steady hand. And if you’ve tried both power drills and hand drills, you’ve probably noticed that it’s much easier to keep a steady hand over the course of a few seconds than it is to keep a steady hand over many minutes. In addition, your arm will tire much less slowly with a power drill, ensuring your holes remain accurate and consistent over time.

Power drills are highly portable. While certainly not as lightweight as a hand drill, a power drill can still go anywhere that a hand drill can, with only two limitations. The first limitation is that power drills are banned in some places, most notably certain national parks that want to prohibit the use of power drills for mountain climbers. The second limitation is in terms of energy. A corded drill will need access to an outlet and a cordless drill will depend solely on how long its battery lasts, so be prepared – once you run out of energy, you won’t have more until you find another power source or are able to recharge.

Power drills can handle multiple jobs. Power drills may be compact and portable, but they can handle some pretty big jobs. They can also handle small jobs, and virtually everything in between. A good power drill set will come with a variety of bits, sockets, and drivers, so you always have everything you need at your disposal for each project that arises. In addition, most power drills come equipped with a fast and easy switch between forward and reverse options, so you can seamlessly transition between modes each time the job requires it.

Power drills are user friendly. Because hand drills require a certain amount of strength and weight in the people who use them, they will certainly be harder to use for some than for others. On the other hand, power drills are designed so that essentially anyone who picks them up will use them just as easily as a pro, so no weight lifting or strength training is required.

At Shell Lumber & Hardware, we pride ourselves on our huge selection of power tools from some of America’s hottest brands – Bosch, Black & Decker, Dewalt, and Makita, just to name a few. To view our current inventory in person, please visit our convenient Miami location or call us anytime at (305) 856-6401.


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