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Shell Lumber & Hardware is proud to announce that we now carry a large selection of Amy Howard furniture paint and antiquing tools, designed to not only revive old pieces, but to give new pieces a timeless and classic appearance as well. Whether you’ve got a new piece that lacks personality or an old piece that you are considering throwing out, Shell Lumber, along with Amy Howard, invite you to reconsider and look on your piece with both fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.

Amy Howard beckons the world to join her in opening the senses and re-evaluating our ideas about what it means to be “aged” in the world today. Where someone else might gaze upon an object and see a forgotten antique, Amy sees beauty, romance, and endless possibilities. To Amy Howard, an old and forgotten piece of furniture is so much more than just that – it is a work of art. Her paint line was designed with just these ideals in mind – to encourage people to see the possibilities in restoration, rather than simply throwing out items once they become too worn.

The paint products offered by Amy Howard at Home were created to accentuate each individual piece’s own unique charm and personality. Amy believes that every piece of furniture has a story to tell, and it is the purpose of her paints to help tell those stories and bring them to life. This is especially evident when using her line of antiqued paint effects products, such as her Cracked Patina and Cracked Gesso. Whether the item that you are painting is 100 years old or just brand new this year, you can create a piece that tells a story and is truly one of a kind.

A few of the products offered at Shell Lumber in the Amy Howard at Home paint line include:

  • One Step Paint
  • Furniture Lacquer
  • Furniture Tonic
  • Antiquing Glaze
  • Gloss Sealer
  • Clear Wax

The Amy Howard paint collection is continually expanding and fantastic new products are still being added, in addition to the timeless classics already available. At Shell Lumber & Hardware, we pride ourselves on being one of the first retailers throughout all of Florida to take note of this incredible line and offer it to our customers, and we are currently the only retailer of Amy Howard paints in the entire Miami area. To browse the Amy Howard collection for yourself in person, simply visit us at 2733 SW 27th Ave in Miami, or call us anytime at (305) 856-6401 with questions.


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