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While not everyone is a professional handyman, it never hurts to be at least even a little bit handy around the house. Like a first aid kit, no home is truly complete without a proper toolbox, one that, although it might not be able to tackle major projects or renovations, can address minor issues and damages quickly and effectively.

When setting up your toolbox, it is important to note that quality tools are a reflection of their price. If you find a toolbox that is well stocked and incredibly cheap, save yourself the hassle as you are likely to find out within just a couple of uses why it was so cheap, as individual pieces will quickly start breaking on you. Quality tools can be very expensive but they tend to be durable, tough, and equipped with lifetime warranties, ensuring that their replacement will be far in the future, if ever at all. If you want the best but can’t afford it all at once, it is entirely acceptable to build your toolbox one piece at a time. Buying items as you need them can grow your toolbox at a useful and financially healthy rate.

Listed below are nine essential items crucial to any good toolbox:

  • Tape Measure – no matter the size of your space or project, exact measurements are key and a good tape measure with at least 25 feet of tape is a must.
  • Claw Hammer – hammers are essential in both construction and demolition jobs, and should be light, yet sturdy, and comfortable in your hands.
  • Screwdriver – while the Phillips screwdriver has replaced the flathead screwdriver for the most part, there are still many flathead screws around so it’s best to have at least one of each in your arsenal.
  • Wrench – every toolbox should have both an adjustable crescent wrench and a socket wrench, which is similar to a crescent wrench but able to handle larger, repetitive projects more efficiently.
  • Pliers – pliers tend to be a great substitute for an extra pair of hands and come in two main styles, vice grip for locking onto objects, and needle nose grip for easy access to thin, small spaces.
  • Power Drill – investing in a good lightweight power drill is essential for most household jobs. Make sure yours has multiple speeds and is reversible so that you can remove screws as well.
  • Level – this seemingly simple tool is critical in creating straight lines when you just can’t trust your eyes or are tired of continually making adjustments.
  • Utility Knife – sometimes referred to as a “boxcutter,” these small, yet extremely sharp and adjustable blades provide for a variety of uses, from scraping to cutting, and are perhaps the most used tool in any toolbox.
  • Handsaw – while power saws are popular nowadays, you just can’t beat the effective simplicity and control of a handsaw. Anytime you need to cut lumber, or even just trim the tree branches in your yard, you’ll be glad to have a good general purpose saw.

If you need help setting up your toolbox, a trip to Shell Lumber & Hardware in Miami will put you in good hands. We are proud to offer power tools and equipment from the best in the business – Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker, Dewalt, Porter Cable, Milwaukee, and more – as well as the largest selection of hand tools that you will find anywhere in Florida. Feel free to give us a call at (305) 856-6401 or visit us in person to view our current stock.


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