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What color to paint each room in your house can be one of the biggest decisions you make during any renovation or simple home refreshment. You can base your decisions on a number of different factors – psychology, Feng Shui, or simply personal preference – but in the end, the colors that you choose should be much more than just colors that you can live with. They should be colors that show off your unique personality and style while promoting your comfort and peace of mind.

While paint colors will eventually be chosen based on what looks and feels right to you, here are a few room-centered tips to keep in mind when perusing through color samples:

Living Room
The living room serves as the social center for your home, so it should be painted in a color that is both warm and inviting. For this reason, warm colors like browns and beiges, as well as more cheerful colors like oranges, yellows, and reds, are excellent choices for living rooms and foyers. Warm colors stimulate conversation, as well as general connections between people, and having these colors placed strategically in the forefront of your home can leave a great first impression on new guests.

People often refer to the kitchen as being the heart of the home, so it’s wise to paint your kitchen in colors that promote positivity and happiness. Yellows and reds work great for showing cheerfulness, and because red stimulates the appetite, it can be a great color for those who love to both cook and eat. People typically want to match their kitchens to their living rooms and foyers, creating a nice flow between your home’s open spaces, so keep this in mind as well when choosing your color schemes.

Dining Room
Dining room colors should be bold and stimulating, offering a statement about the personality of the hosts. Many choose to paint their dining rooms in dark shades of blue or even red, because red is said to stimulate the appetite. While the hue you to decide to go with for your formal dining room can be as unique as your personality, it should never be timid or subdued. Some of the most interesting and intense interactions and conversations happen in formal dining rooms, and your paint color needs to set an appropriate tone for such happenings.

It’s always a popular choice to paint bathrooms white or gray or other light, warm colors because it gives off an impression of cleanliness and sterility. In these cases, towels, shower curtains, and other small accents serve to establish the main color scheme of the room. Those looking for more color on their bathroom walls often choose blues and greens or turquoise blends, because these colors tend to sooth and relax. The bathroom is meant to be a cleaning and calming area, so you should also choose the colors that personally make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Many bedrooms get painted simply based on personal preference, especially in the cases of bedrooms for young children and teenagers. For adults though, the goal should be to create a space that is both calming and relaxing, but stimulating enough to promote activity with your partner. Blues, greens, and purples are especially popular, with darker hues tending to have more influence than lighter hues. For further advice or tips from color and paint experts in the Miami area, visit Shell Lumber & Hardware, or call us at (305) 856-6401.

Our experienced and trained experts know everything when it comes to painting the rooms of your home, from the types of brushes to use, to the types of paint to use, to how to pick the right colors for your space, and are standing by eager to assist you on your next home refreshment project.


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