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Easily one of the most popular landscaping plants used around homes in South Florida is the bromeliad, a tropical family of plants which thrives in the warm climate of Miami. Though the most well known type of bromeliad is the pineapple, there are actually dozens of varieties in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Bromeliads chosen for landscaping, however, are typically small and colorful, while most types of bromeliads usually have sharp, spiky leaves.

Once bromeliads are properly placed, they can generally be ignored and left alone by their owners, however, they should still be checked on regularly and maintained when needed. Because there are so many varieties of bromeliad, different types tend to require different levels of care, so check with the nursery specialists at Shell Lumber when purchasing your bromeliad to learn if yours comes with any special care requirements to take note of.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Most bromeliads tend to have problems in regular potting soil, so try to find a soil mix designed specially for bromeliads.
  • Bromeliads like tropical climates so they are typically comfortable year round outside. However, if temperatures fall below 75 degrees and the humidity below 50%, it may be smart to temporarily move your bromeliad inside until it warms back up.
  • Bromeliads like warm, shaded areas, so try to place yours in an area with indirect sunlight.
  • Bromeliads like moisture but can handle dry conditions, so be careful to never overwater your plant. A good rule to follow is to water your bromeliad once the top two inches of soil are dry.
  • Some bromeliads are highly sensitive to metal, so never use metal watering cans or canisters on bromeliads.
  • Avoid getting water on any of the bromeliad’s surfaces when exposed to sunlight, as the heated water can burn and damage the plant.
  • Bromeliads are slow growing and over-fertilization can greatly harm them, so make sure to only apply fertilizers when necessary and never directly to the plant’s surfaces.

Most bromeliads will only flower a single time during their lives, though a flowering period can last up to several years. The flowers of bromeliads are what makes them so vibrant and colorful, and proper care of your plant can certainly extend and make the most out of the period when your plant is at its best and most beautiful. Because of their somewhat short and unique life cycles, bromeliads are truly a special species of plant and one that can add character and style to both indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Shell Lumber & Hardware has a large selection of stunning bromeliads in a variety of sizes and shapes, all available at an absolutely unbeatable price. Our lawn and garden experts take great pride in their work and care for each and every individual plant as their own before turning them over to you. Please give us a call at (305) 856-6401 or stop in to see us at our central Miami location, and feel free to explore our collection of bromeliads as well as our selection of native plants, trees, and general lawn and gardening supplies.


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