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It seems like everyone today is looking for ways to save energy, whether it’s the national government trying to preserve our natural resources or simply the average citizen trying to preserve their financial resources. Either way, saving energy can be done with a multitude of simple, every day methods, attacking such common issues as cooling, heating, lighting, water use, and appliance use. While this list in no way encapsulates every possible energy saving solution, it’s a good start for people who want start addressing this issue head-on.

  1. Make sure that windows and doors are all shut tightly when your air conditioner is running, and keep all kitchen and bath exhaust fans off when not in use.
  2. Make sure that all heating and cooling vents have clear pathways and are not blocked by any furniture items.
  3. Use an exterior motion-detector lighting system for any outdoor spaces, so that lights are only on when someone is in the area.
  4. Air dry your washed clothing whenever possible to give your dryer a rest.
  5. Encourage your family to take shorter showers to reduce both your hot water use and overall water use.
  6. Replace your desktop computer with a laptop as they generally require much less energy to run.
  7. Install energy efficient impact windows throughout your home to save on heating and cooling costs as well as to protect your important possessions from the damages of UV rays.
  8. Replace your current roof with a reflective roof, which reduces heat build-up and any distortions that occur as a result, greatly increasing the lifespan of your roof.
  9. Shut your blinds or turn on a ceiling fan the next time you are inclined to run your AC.
  10. Lower your thermostat to an appropriate level when not home, but never below 60 degrees in the winter if you live in a colder climate or pipes could potentially freeze.
  11. Replace your current bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) which provide the same amount of light and longer lasting & efficient bulb.
  12. When possible, use microwaves or toaster ovens when heating food as they tend to utilize much less energy than traditional baking ovens.
  13. Wash your laundry with cold water instead of warm or hot and you’ll save yourself energy and money on every single load.
  14. Plug all of your appliances into power strips so that they can easily be turned off all at once to save energy, and you’ll never have to worry about appliances left on when out of use.

If you’re looking for guidance or materials to start turning your home into a more energy efficient space, then pay us a visit at Shell Lumber & Hardware, the very first Certified Green Dealer in Miami.

  • We believe in a convergence of philosophy, practices, and products, all designed to create places to live and work that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • We believe in these ideals whole-heartedly, and hope to inspire our customers and competitors alike to share in this philosophy with us.

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